Troubled Waters

Betsy Warren Wilson specializes in Social Security Disability issues.

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A Personal Guide

Who She Is

A Personal Guide

Betsy Warren Wilson started her practice in 1993, and has specialized in Social Security Disability issues since that time, steering those physically or mentally unable to sustain employment through a complicated and challenging sea of regulations and procedures to earned benefits.

Making that passage as smooth as possible is testimony to her experience and ability, and further testimony is provided by her fellow attorneys in their referrals of their clients to her in these matters and in her appointment as chair of the Social Security section of the Memphis Bar Association.

Your Lawyer, and a Lawyer’s Lawyer

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A Personal Commitment

How She Works

Each client is unique, but each solution requires a unique understanding of the whole Social Security process. Betsy not only works through the process with each client but also makes sure that each step is explained and understood. One on one, from initial interview through final resolution. A solid record, built one at a time on the trust of her clients and the respect of the legal community.

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A Personal Solution

How She Works For You

Betsy helps those who need it most, especially those who have been denied benefits, and serving as personal liaison between her clients and the system avoiding as many waves and rocks as possible to shorten a long journey.

Payment is 25% of past due benefits awarded only once the claim is successful. While that percentage is the same for all attorneys, there are no surprises or added cost from Betsy. No front-end fees. No consulting charges.

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Geographies Served

Where She Works

Betsy represents clients living in West Tennessee, North Mississippi and Eastern Arkansas.

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